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  Safety Tips for All  Tennessee Properties: 

  • You are in the wilderness therefore Bears, Turkeys and Bugs live here too.  We do perform regular critter/pest maintenance, but not everything can be avoided when staying in the wilderness, so during spring and summer we do recommend bringing "Bug Spray" ,especially, if you are planning on hiking during your visit .  

  • Bears do roam these areas and they are wonderful to watch from a distance.  Please roll-up windows and lock your car.  Do not leave any food items in your car, as Bears have a tendency to sniff food out.  Host will not be responsible for bear damage to vehicle.  

  • Mountain WiFi:  We are in the mountains so although we do offer high-speed internet and streaming services at all our locations, WiFi capabilities may be limited by weather and signals, not only at the cabin, but while driving the area as well. 

  • Depending on your arrival time, The hot tub may not be extremely hot when you first arrive, as we have it drained, washed and sanitized before your arrival.  But once you unload and settle in, it should be ready to go!  Please keep the cover on the hot tub and outdoor trash cans when not in use.

  • The cabin runs on well water and at times can leave a tint of color or a slight smell.  Let the water run a few minutes and this should alleviate this.  The water is safe to drink, but we do recommend bottle water, if you do not like the taste of well water.

  • There are twisty curves and one lane roads throughout the county. Please use caution while driving through the mountains. We do recommend during the winter months, chains, snow tires or four wheel drives, This will be up to you, but do check your weather before your arrival, so you can travel safely during these months.

  • We do not offer refunds for Covid-19, weather, or other extenuating circumstances. We recommend you purchasing travel insurance.

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