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Privacy Notice & Legal Disclaimer

Privacy Notice: 

Here at CC's Retreats, LLC ( we keep your information private, unless you choose to leave a review, which at that time, only what you enter into the review section will become public.  When booking on our City Escape page you will be redirected to our unique secure Airbnb platform where we also host our properties.  At that time your privacy is bound by privacy policies.

Legal Disclaimer:  

General Information:

CC's Retreats, LLC is the owner which is our Direct Booking and Hosting website.  Where we offer our own vacation short term and mid-term rentals, along with other vacation short term rentals we manage and host for others.  For the purpose of this document, we will refer to CC's Retreats, LLC as CC's Retreats.

Here on we at times work with both and where we also host our properties.  You will only be directed to those sites, via a specific secure link to book your stay when Direct Booking is not an option for a particular property. 


CC's Retreats is your main point of contact even when having to book through Airbnb or Vrbo when using the specified links on this site.


CC's Retreats is responsible for maintaining the properties and presenting a clean, secure, and safe environment for their guests.   

CC's Retreats follows all regulations, guidelines, laws, and safety rules for each state in regards to hosting Short-term and mid-term rentals.  We can assure that you will be staying at a clean, safe and secure location while staying at one of our many vacation destinations, providing you with amenities of home, and superb customer service.

CC's Retreats does not discriminate, in regards to religion, race, or gender and follow all other sections of the 1988 Fair Housing act.

Questions or needing information:

If you have questions about your stay or if for any reason you need to contact us.  Here's how to reach us - 

  • Use our website's "Contact Us" page

  • Call us during business hours 9 A.M - 5 P.M. at 614-440-0427 

  • Email us at

Emergencies:  We do pick-up after hours, for emergencies only!  All other questions or concerns should be addressed during our normal business hours.  If it is a life threatening emergency call 911 or the local fire or police department for assistance.


CC's Retreats uses cameras on the outside of the properties only to monitor the surroundings of the property to keep the property safe from intruders (both animal and human kind) while you're away or the property is vacant. They are on 24/7.   If you find a camera inside the vacation home.  Please contact CC's Retreats immediately.  Contact Us  as it may have been left by another guest prior to your arrival.  This is against our Privacy Policy as we do not have cameras located indoors.


CC's Retreats loves your furry friends and we do allow pets on most properties.  Pet fees do apply.  and are determined by property.  You are responsible to list pets at time of booking.   If we find that a pet has enjoyed our property without being listed, the booking party will be billed under a separate invoice and will be held responsible for paying that fee.  You can determine if pets are accepted as you will see a symbol and/or it will say "pet friendly" on the property page.  If neither of these are present, then pets are not allowed for that particular property.

Pet Rules: 

  • 2 pets per property - Unless you have prior permission from management at CC's Retreats.

  • Pets must be well behaved and have a quiet demeanor

  • We request you do not let pets on the furniture, please use provided covers, if animals will not comply.

  • Pets must be kept on a leash while walking through neighborhoods.

  • Pets must be caged if you intend to leave them alone.  They can run free once you've returned.  

Extended Stays:  Extended stays are permitted as long as the property was not previously booked.  If you feel you would like to stay longer.  Call or email CCs Retreats directly to check the availability.  If approved, and you have not paid for your trip yet, CCs Retreats will adjust your booking dates.  If you have already paid,  you will pay separately for those days.


Payments and Financial Responsibility:

  • Payments are to be received at time of booking.  If payments need to be divided, talk to management by contacting CC's Retreats directly for approval prior to booking.  Go to our "Contact Us" page or call direct.

  • When booking direct through  You are consenting to be financially responsible for your booking using our 3rd party secure payment portal. 

  • Person booking must be present and over the age of 21.  Unless previously approved by management.

  • The maximum number of guests is indicated on each property by the "Sleep #".  If you need room for additional guest please check with management about available properties near by.  The number of occupancy is determined and regulated by each  states "state safety regulations" for each dwelling.  If not adhered to, a state fine may be imposed; if that occurs, the party booking the property will be held responsible for payment of that fine .

  • You or the person paying for the booking, will be held as the responsible party if any financial repercussions may occur; this includes any damage to the property and it's belongings, excessive cleaning, and/or excessive pet damage.

  • CC's Retreats reserves the right to accept or deny or remove any guest if we deem it necessary and may ask you to leave the premises if there are illegal or disruptive behavior either/or to the property and/or your neighbors without a refund.  The determination will be based on "as needed" premises.   And the party who booked the property will be financially responsible for any physical damaged, broken or stolen items on/or from the properties in question.

Cancelation Policies:

  • Strict Cancelation Policy: If you cancel within 48 hours of booking and at least 20 days before your check-in date, you will receive a full refund, minus credit card fees.  If you cancel between 20 and 14 days before your check-in date, you will receive a 50% refund, minus credit card fees.  If you cancel within 14 days of your check-in date, you forfeit the entire payment. This policy is intended to protect hosts and minimize risk.  

  • Cancelation Policy if booked through Airbnb or Vrbo using the links CC's Retreats provided on www.ccsretreats.comIf you were re-directed to or when clicking on one of our property links that did not support our Direct Booking, you will adhere to AirBnB and/or Vrbo's platforms cancellation policy. 

Refund Policies:

  • Refunds are not given due to Covid-19, bad weather, normal seasonal storms, short-term power outages, or other extenuating circumstances.  We recommend purchasing travel insurance.  

  • If there is a problem or damage with the property itself or a natural disaster surrounds our properties and authorities have blocked access to the property deeming it unsafe, or have given an evacuation notice, CC's Retreat is responsible to try to notify you prior to your stay; and CC's Retreats will first try to relocate you at another one of CC's Retreat's properties nearby that would be comparable to what you originally booked or may request a date change so you can still enjoy your vacation, at another time.  If this is not possible for either party, a full refund will be issued.

  • Please review the Tennessee "Safety and Travel Tips" page, as we will not be responsible for any damage to your vehicle or belongings left outdoors.

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